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The community stands with you.

Hear from people with insights into navigating life with hemophilia.

How The WFH Continues To Provide Hope Around The World

Treatment Without Borders

The World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) was built on a foundation of "Treatment for All". See how Genentech is helping to make that a reality.

Advocating With Hemophilia Patients Locally And Nationwide

Boots on the Ground

Genentech takes an industry-leading approach to patient advocacy. One that started, incidentally, with their entry to hemophilia.

Join Max, a musician with hemophilia A, as he turns back time to have a talk with his younger self

Stop Running: A Letter to My Younger Self

Max, a musician with hemophilia A, takes a trip back in time to chat with his younger self about his experience with hemophilia and offers some sage advice. 

Read how a group of experts from Genentech came together to deliver treatment during a pandemic

Making the Impossible Possible

Read how a group of experts from Genentech came together to deliver treatment during a pandemic.

Hear how Genentech is finding ways to bring the hemophilia community together, virtually

Staying Connected From a Distance

Hear how Genentech is partnering with hemophilia chapters across the country to find ways to bring the community together, virtually.

WFH Humanitarian Aid project thumbnail

Treatment for All

Mark Skinner, former president of the World Federation of Hemophilia, discusses his goal to bring prevention and early intervention to the developing world. 

Fighting Challenges with Save One Life

Fighting Challenges With Save One Life

How a unique organization is improving the lives of people with bleeding disorders by helping them achieve their goals. 

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Connect With Your Local Team

Our Hemophilia Clinical Education Managers (CEMs) serve all 50 states and US territories. They have years of nursing/clinical experience with a host of helpful resources—and they can provide opportunities to connect with Genentech and the community at chapter events, conferences, and educational programs.

Clinical Education Managers do not provide medical advice.

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