Challenge Accepted

Challenge what it means to live with a bleeding disorder.

Over the course of the past 2 decades, science and technology have evolved how people with hemophilia manage the physical aspects of the disease.

So now, they’re accepting the challenge of going beyond their comfort zone into a life that’s not defined by their bleeding.

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Season 2, Forward

Season 2, Schooled

Season 2, Familia

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Season 2

Schooled 12:58 min

Host Justin Willman learns about the challenges women with hemophilia face living with a male-dominated disorder, and what the community can do to help push the care of women forward. Guest starring Brandi Chastain, two-time FIFA Women’s World Cup champion, two-time Olympic gold medalist, and a pro at coaching women on and off the field.

Familia 12:29 min

Join coach Chuey Martinez and host Justin Willman as they meet a family with a young son, Jefferson, who has hemophilia A. Jefferson’s parents can be a little “overprotective” at times, showing their love and affection in ways that can be a bit, shall we say, embarrassing. See what’s in Chuey’s imagination as he reenacts and relives a few of Jefferson’s lovingly mortifying moments.
This telenovela-inspired episode highlights how a family’s genuine love for their son with hemophilia A sometimes manifests as overprotection. Even with hemophilia, a little bit of extra independence can go a long way.

Forward 17:18 min

Start your engines! Join host Justin Willman as he takes an epic road trip with his friend, Heber, a father of a child with hemophilia B. A chance encounter with racecar driver and coach, Cody Ware, helps Heber open up about his mental health challenges and past traumas.
This episode talks about the importance of opening up about your feelings and taking your mental health journey one quarter mile at a time. If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health, don’t hesitate to reach out to a healthcare professional for counseling.

Missing Gene 13:41 min

Get your magnifying glass and trench coat out as host Justin Willman attempts to solve the no family history mystery with some help from the community. Meet Michelle and Joey, who are looking for answers as to how a hemophilia A diagnosis came to be in their newborn son, and where they should turn to next.
In this episode, we dive into the challenges families without any known history of hemophilia face.

Season 1

Team Up 17:09 min

This episode focuses on how a bleeding disorder can impact the relationship between siblings. Featuring brother and sister teams Braxton and Karlee, and professional athletes Nick and Holley Mangold.

Branch Out 14:42 min

Branch Out encourages people in the bleeding disorder community to get out there and try new things. Featuring Taylor, a 20-year-old man looking to break out of his comfort zone, and outdoor survival expert Cody Lundin.

Indulge 16:25 min

This episode talks about keeping relationships strong when raising children with a bleeding disorder. Featuring Mark, Jess, Jaxon, Asher, Finley, and celebrity coach Chef Graham Elliot.

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