Your Time to Thrive Workshops

Hemophilia goes beyond blood. 

Workshops designed to help you think well, do well, and be well.

We're partnering with the University of Pennsylvania's Positive Psychology Center to develop workshops that focus on teaching participating community members a skill to stay positive while navigating change.

Discover what’s next—not just for hemophilia, but for you.

Talk to your local chapter or contact your local Hemophilia Community Clinical Education Manager if you’re interested in attending a workshop.


Clinical Education Managers are nurses dedicated to being an educational and informational resource within the hemophilia community.
Clinical Education Managers do not provide medical advice. Talk to a doctor about any medical questions.

Learn more about Your Time to Thrive workshops

60-minute workshops with groups ranging from 12-50+ participants
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Excercises designed to help community members strengthen and build their cognitive and emotional skills to thrive
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Conversations led by Genentech Hemophilia Community Clinical Education Managers together with your local chapter and hemophilia treatment center
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Judy Saltzberg, Clinical Psychologist, University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Center

Highlights of the Your Time to Thrive sessions

Build an Optimistic Mindset

Explore how to build an optimistic mindset when facing change or navigating transitions.

Reframe Your Mindset

Learn how to change negative thinking patterns during times of change.

Master Difficult Conversations

Discover how to build trust and connection through effective conversations.

Harness the Power of Joy

Recognize how to strengthen relationships through sharing in another’s joy.

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Connect With Us

Our Hemophilia Community Clinical Education Managers (CEMs) serve all 50 states and US territories. They have years of experience as registered nurses with a host of helpful resources—and they can provide opportunities to connect with Genentech and the community at chapter events, conferences, and educational programs.

Clinical Education Managers do not provide medical advice.

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