Challenge what it means to live with a bleeding disorder.

Get a taste of the web series where people with hemophilia tackle everyday challenges, hosted by Justin Willman.

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Season 2 Premier: Work It

Work It offers Julian, a young adult with hemophilia, guidance on how to navigate fitness with a bleeding disorder. Featuring Billy Blanks, the creator of Tae Bo, and host Justin Willman.

Home Reunion, Part 2

Host Justin Willman reunites all of the Season 1 guests in a timely and relevant virtual setting. Together, they share what they’ve learned since being on the show, and how they’re rising to the new challenges of the times we’re living in now.

Home Reunion, Part 1

Host Justin Willman brings us into the living rooms of Season 1 guests Jessica, Mark, Taylor, and Devon. Together, they share what they’ve learned since being on the show, and how they’re rising to the new challenges of the times we’re living in now.

Episode 7: Pivot

In this episode, we take on the challenges that young people face when changing up their game plan due to a bleeding disorder. Featuring Damian, a high school baseball player, and professional hockey coach David Quinn.

Episode 6: Laugh

Laugh sheds light on the emotional aspects of being a family in the bleeding disorder community. Featuring Ashley, Bode, Brystol, and Emmy winner Alex Borstein.

Episode 5: Get to Work

Get to Work gives guidance on how young people with a bleeding disorder can start to plan for their career goals. Featuring Leland, a 26-year-old man in search of a plan, and host of his own show, Dr. Oz.

Episode 4: Team Up

This episode focuses on how a bleeding disorder can impact the relationship between siblings. Featuring brother and sister teams Braxton and Karlee, and professional athletes Nick and Holley Mangold.

Episode 3: Buy Green Bananas

This episode offers advice and life lessons to young people who are thinking ahead about their future with a bleeding disorder. Featuring Devon, a young man with an old soul, and former president of the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) Mark Skinner.

Episode 2: Branch Out

Branch Out encourages people in the bleeding disorder community to get out there and try new things. Featuring Taylor, a 20-year-old man looking to break out of his comfort zone, and outdoor survival expert Cody Lundin.

Episode 1: Indulge

This episode talks about keeping relationships strong when raising children with a bleeding disorder. Featuring Mark, Jess, Jaxon, Asher, Finley, and celebrity coach Chef Graham Elliot.

All guests on CHALLENGE ACCEPTED are real members of the hemophilia community.


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