There's a lot happening in the hemophilia community.

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The Edge, Genentech’s biannual newsletter, shines a light on those in the hemophilia community who refuse to let their bleeding disorder limit them. Each issue of The Edge offers a look into unique aspects of the community and individual stories from all walks of life.

The EDGE Issue 5
A Dose of Equality

Learn about Genentech's DE&I efforts when treating blood disorders.

Treatment Without Borders

See how the efforts of the World Federation of Hemophilia are paying off.

Dear Hemophilia: A Love Letter

Hear a hemophilia patient reflect on what his condition has taught him.

The EDGE Issue 4
More Than a Game

Learn what gaming means to the community and how it's used to cope with hemophilia.

Stop Running: A Letter to My Younger Self

Read a letter from a person with hemophilia to his younger self.

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