The History of Genentech The History of Genentech

More than 40 years of making life-changing medicine. 1

Genentech's History with Hemophilia Genentech's History with Hemophilia

Why we're here.

Genentech's involvement in hemophilia dates back to 1984. We used our technology in recombinant DNA (rDNA) to become the first company to make a cloned, virus-free version of the factor VIII protein. 2  

Our success ushered in the era of recombinant DNA technology—technology that is now a standard of care in hemophilia. 3 

Today, we are inspired by the hemophilia community to work harder than ever to develop the next generation of medicines for hemophilia A.

38 Genentech Products Developed and Counting 38 Genentech Products Developed and Counting

History of firsts.

Since 1976, Genentech has stood for scientific innovation that improves the world around us. We are proud that our science has led to a number of discoveries for many serious diseases 2:

  • First to produce a human protein
  • First to clone human insulin using recombinant DNA technology
  • First therapeutic antibodies for asthma and hematologic cancer
  • First recombinant medicine for cystic fibrosis
  • First medicine approved with the FDA's breakthrough therapy designation

Since then, advances have allowed us to create 39 FDA-approved medicines for more than 45 serious diseases. 4